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Flatbed: Services

All of our flatbeds carry everything we will need to transport your freight safely to its destination. We include Tarps, Straps, Corner protectors, dunnage, along with chains and binders so we are prepared for any thing! We offer several solutions for whatever it is you may need, we can adjust as needed depending on the size and weight of your freight whether you need a single pallet or the entire length of the trailer. Just let us know where you want it, When you want it and we will be sure to get it there on time every time safely.

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Step Deck Trailer


With our 53' step deck option we have the availability to load up to 48,000 pounds. With lower ride height we are able to haul those taller loads with out having to pull a permit compared to a standard height Flatbed.

Hot Shot trailers


Our hot shot trailers are perfect for your expedited freight. We have several different options to fit your needs from 28' to 40' trailers to include Air ride for your freight that needs the smoother ride to assure its safety, while having the capability to load up to 26,000 lbs on these trailers.

Straight Trailers


Our straight trailers are 48'x102" and have the capability of carrying 48,000 pounds. These are your standard flat bed trailers for general purposes. Of course we have both, spring ride & air ride to fit any need you may have.

Moffett & Piggy Back equipment 


Interstate Freight Solutions is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.  With our Piggy back set up's we are not only able to Transport your freight but we can also unload it for you.

Flatbed: Services
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